Is WEAW an international organization?

WEAW is an Indian Organization and almost all WEAW supporters are Indian or of Indian origin. WEAW funds are deployed in India to benefit Underprivileged and a small proportion is also invested in local causes.
WEAW can also periodically receive support from international organizations that will help with special requirements.

Does WEAW receive government funding?

As an NGO (non-government organization), we do not receive any direct government funding allowing us to remain independent, making unbiased evaluations of government policies and programmes. The government has also extended certain tax and duty exemptions to us, enabling us minimize costs.

In that case, how does WEAW raise resources?

WEAW raises the valuable resources we need for our work through:
• Individuals and Benefactor
• Corporate and institutional donations

Is the sanitary Napkin is free of cost?
Yes the pad banks we install is totally free of cost.

Is this initiative available all over India?
As of now we are in operation in West Bengal and Uttaranchal, yes in future we are planning to extend this operation.